Pear Compote with Chai Spice Cookie

by Carrie Fehr

This dish captures the flavors we love about fall, sweet juicy pears, notes of ginger, and honey, complimented by an aromatic chai spice cookie.  It is the perfect antidote for warming up a cold night.

Pear compote not only keeps well in the refrigerator, but it’s also a dessert that is good for your body and has a multitude of health benefits.

Top it over pancakes or oatmeal, or layer it with yogurt and granola for an afternoon energy boosting treat.

A special blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and white pepper, along with tiny flecks of crystallized ginger is what gives these soft and chewy, chai spice cookies their unique taste.  Combined with pear compote, this autumn favorite is a great way to celebrate the season.

Give it a try!  Click here for the Pear Compote recipe, and here for the Chai Spice Cookie recipe.