Journey Through Yoga Teacher Training: Top 10

 1.  Lengthened and Strengthened: By the Power of Yoga Teacher Training Vested In Me.

2.  New BFF: Chatarunga Dandasana a.k.a Yoga Push-Up. (Performed approximately 1,100+ during teacher training.)

3.  Try It On: OM.

4.  Toned and Chiseled: From Tailbone to Crown.

5.  “The Mat:”  Is the bomb!

6.  The Color Purple: Chakra Rocks.

7.  Athletic Asana: Hello Samadhi!

8.  New Favorite Word: Savasana.

9.  Yoga: The Lens and Breath Of My Life.

10.  Namaste: Beyond Grateful.

Lakeside Condo

Christmas came early this year for a friend, who landed a gorgeous condo, in the heart of Oakland.

20141210_0596 Fav Lake MerrittFrom the entrance steps, this pied-a-terre boasts views of Lake Merritt that look like a still-life painting, and features a private balcony, perfect for alfresco dining that is as sweet as a valentine.  Lakeside Patio

It overlooks an inviting courtyard surrounded by arch motifs, exposed brick and wrought iron details that combine architectural interest with Mediterranean flavor.

Lakeside fixturejpg

It is walking distance to Oakland’s hottest Uptown neighborhood with excellent restaurants, art galleries, and lively entertainment options, as well as historic treasures like the Fox and Paramount theaters.

20141210_0614 Paramount

Its location makes it an ideal spot to enjoy numerous outdoor activities such as boating, jogging, or cycling, or a casual stroll around the water’s edge that is home to a variety of birds, plant life and trees.

20141210_0573 Jogger

Congratulations and Happy Holidays!